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September 13, 2020

Write for Utility Avenue

write for Utility Avenue

Hi there, are you looking for the opportunity to be published?

At Utility Avenue, we’re always looking for fresh content to help our audience thrive. If you can provide valuable insight into your area of expertise, you might qualify to be our next guest writer

If you’re interested in writing for the Utility Avenue Blog, keep reading.

Why should you write for Utility Avenue?

Utility Avenue is a platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners to promote and sell their services. As a result, our blog is rapidly becoming a trusted resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world.

Our commitment is to provide valuable information that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

We invite you to share your knowledge with our audience.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get free publicity on the Utility Avenue blog and our social media.
  • You get exposure.
  • You get backlinks to your website to boost your SEO.
  • Accordingly, it will help build your authority to become an authority in your area of expertise.
  • It will help you increase your search presence online. Therefore, you will have more users and customers.

What kind of articles can you submit?

The Utility Avenue blog covers a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, business, innovation, leadership, mindset, and others. We are always looking for original, freshly-written articles, crafted with our audience in mind.

Which are Utility Avenue’s editorial guidelines?

Our content follows these four pillars of quality:

  • Topic. Your topic must be relevant to our audience.
  • Research. Back up your claims using data and statistics. Of course, make sure you link to reputable sources.
  • Keyword. Your chosen keyword should be well-aligned with the search intent behind your topic.
  • Comprehensiveness. Cover your topic as a whole.

Which are Utility Avenue’s formatting guidelines?

These simple formatting guidelines will make your article easier to read:

  • Write your article with Google Docs.
  • Make sure you include your target keyword.
  • Make your content easy to scan.
  • Write concise sentences (no more than 20 words) and brief paragraphs (no more than five sentences).
  • The sentence structure should be simple and varied.
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice.
  • Attach images along with photo credit.
  • Include your bio, website, and social media handles.

To submit your article, send an email to support@utilityavenue.com with the subject “Spotlight.”

How is the submission process?

  1. You submit your pitch/article.
  2. Then, our editorial team analyzes it.
  3. If selected, our editorial team proofread the article following readability and SEO best practices.
  4. Your article goes live!

Write for the Utility Avenue Blog, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Will you be our next guest writer?

Indeed, we can’t wait to hear from you and publish your article.