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October 18, 2020

utility avenue logoBy now, you might know what Utility Avenue is.

Or maybe not! But if you don’t and you want to know more, well, check this article.

What’s Utility Avenue?

Utility Avenue is a community marketplace where you can buy and sell your

Why was Utility Avenue born?

Because we care about you. Because everyone deserves fair pay.

The thing is, most gig-economy platforms (like Uber, Thumbtack, and others) and contractors keep a significant percentage (some even 50%) when you use them to sell your services. If you are the one who does the job, you should be making the most amount of money, am I right?

Nobody likes to lose $$$ to intermediaries.

BUT imagine

if you could turn your hobbies and skills into cash… and make more money doing less work?

You could become a successful business owner doing what you love!
We care about you and, to help, we created Utility Avenue:
A community marketplace for you to buy and sell services, and turn your skills or hobbies into money so you can thrive.

If you are

  • an entrepreneur or a small business owner?
  • a freelancer or need extra income?
  • you have a business idea, but don’t have clients or don’t have the platform?
  • you work for someone who takes a high percentage of your service?
  • you have a service company that has associates instead of employees?

Then, Utility Avenue is for you.



You download our free app. You pay $0.50 cents only when you sell a service.

You list your offers. Manage them effortlessly

You get hired. Reach more clients and be the first person they think of when they need
a service.


We get it – you might say “Ugh, another gig platform”, but when you use Utility Avenue:
– you don’t lose money to an intermediary.
– you communicate directly with the client.
– you get paid, fast and easy, straight to your account.

We only charge 0.50 cents when you sell a service so you can make more money with
less work.

Seriously, if you have five minutes, download the app, list your services… and see for


Make money and save money easily on the same platform.

And if you want to support us and follow us, we would really appreciate it.  Also, our Utility Avenue blog covers a wide range
of topics, including entrepreneurship, business, innovation, leadership, mindset, and
others. We are accepting applications for guest bloggers
and business

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We are continuing to improve our platform and experience for our users everywhere.

You all are an integral part of our continued growth.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for providing your valuable feedback so we can better serve you.