Utility Avenue: Norge Matos

January 23, 2019

Norge Matos

Norge Matos


I am Norge Matos.

My name is European, but I was born in the mountains of Cuba, far away from any city. I fell in love with the sky full of stars. I fell in love with life without stress. But most of all, I fell in love with my parents, who taught me respect and compassion for everyone, equally. Those were times when the neighbors were like family, and the boys played ball in the street like brothers.

I am a lucky guy: I have many friends – some already elderly, the wisest – for whom I thank God. Some friends failed, and I forgave them. Several have forgiven me for my mistakes. Our imperfection needs second chances: it is one of the keys to grow and be better.

A man reaps what he sows. That is why I try to show love, hope, and opportunities.

I dream that those who come later will receive a better world and do the same.

But dreams are conquered with hard work: Utility Avenue is just part of that journey.

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