Utility Avenue: Alexander Sanchez

March 20, 2019

Alexander Sanchez

My name is Alexander Sanchez Silva (tongue-in-cheek names when it comes to signing my initials).

I was born and raised in Cuba. I lived there until I was old and wise enough to understand that fulfilling dreams there was next to impossible. One day, I looked 90 miles up north, where pursuing happiness was licit, inspiring, and possible. Like many professionals of my generation, I realized that all my hard work, university titles, and commitments weren’t enough to excel in life, let alone to use my full potential.

Then, as life was at full speed, the energy steaming up and my mind about to burst, I made the timely decision to plow the ocean and sail to my future.

My friends and I, literally in the same boat, set sail one night over 12 years ago en-route to the US. All I had with me was a backpack full of dreams (and some Cuban cigars & rum) and the courage to either make it and start over or die trying. Thankfully, after six nerve-racking days and five stormy nights, we ran ashore, right here in Miami.

In my biography More than 90 Miles, I tell it all about our adventure.

Since then, I’ve been working hard to make all my dreams come true. Some of them have unfolded, some have mutated, and some are still in the making. It has been quite an exciting ride filled with surprises, lessons, setbacks, emotions, experiences, gratitude, anger, empathy, and love.

For me, helping others has been of great importance. When you help people get ahead, you’re fueling your best YOU. The influence is permanent. That’s why this down-to-earth project, Utility Avenue, has me so hooked up.


Alex Family


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