Spotlight: Oh D’Luxe Candle Company

July 4, 2021

For today’s Spotlight, we have Oh D’Luxe Candle Company, a small business owned by Oddette Staple-Brown.

Name/Business Name

Oh D’Luxe Candle Company

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a creative, always have been. Even though I hold an undergraduate degree in Business, a Graduate degree in HR, and previously worked in both professions, I am happiest when I get to express my creative side.

What were the origins of your business?

Oh D’Luxe Candle company started out of a profound love for candles. I would always have a lot of candles in my house, but as much money as I spent on candles, it would be a hit or miss with the quality in respect to the scent throw.
Fast-forward to the pandemic and like everyone else, I was trying to find something to do to pass the time. That’s when I thought why not make my own candles. I did the research, which included YouTube, Facebook candle groups, Google, etc, I purchased supplies, coupled with the support & encouragement from my husband & the rest is history.

What aspects of your background have helped you the most?

Currently, I am at the part of my business where the “business aspect” is taking center stage. We recently started selling our candles wholesale to different stores, participating in more vendor events all while running our online store. It is time like these that I am thankful for my degrees in business and my accounting experience.

What were the main challenges you encountered at the beginning?

One of the biggest challenges that I faced, in the beginning, was understanding the chemistry and science behind candle making. This involved months of testing and trials to fine-tune the processes that best worked for me and my vision.

Who was the most supportive of your idea?

My husband and business partner was and is still my biggest supporter. He was the one that suggested that I considered selling the candles that I made. At his prompting, I introduced the candles to my church family and they fell in love with them and Oh D’Luxe Candle Company was born.

Have there been any changes in your business approach after Covid-19?

Covid-19 is the reason why I started this business. If the world did not slow down, I would have been too busy doing other things that I may not have considered starting a candle business.

What makes your offer unique?

We sell high-quality, luxurious-smelling candles that will fill a room, at an affordable price. As a candle lover, our products should be what I have always wanted in a candle.

Do you have any other passions?

Yes, I love to sing, blog, write poetry, work with kids, read, spend time with my family, and of course sleep.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. I pondered this question over and over in my head and decided that everything not only worked out the way they should, but I have no regrets. I loved and love hard, I wear my heart on my sleeve. My loved ones who have gone on before me, knew how much I loved them before they left. “Bad” decisions that I’ve made have helped me develop into the badass I am today. With that being said, I can truly say, I wouldn’t change a thing!

What challenges do you see ahead?

As a small business that is under a year old, we are already experiencing our fair share of challenges. A few of the challenges that we are currently navigating are, finding more customers, increasing our brand awareness, building our email list, and standing out in an oversaturated market.

What future projects does your business have?

I love working with kids and education is something that I am very passionate about. At Oh D’Luxe Candle Company we are committed to donating a percentage of our sales each month to help with educating the youth in our community.
In the future, we would love to open our own educational center where kids could get homework help, counseling, play games, get their laundry done and get a hot meal if they are unable to get these things done at home.

What message would you send to your followers?

We are so grateful, thankful, and blessed to have all our followers on this journey with us. So many of our followers are not only customers but repeat customers and we are so appreciative of your support. Without you, there would be no Oh D’Luxe Candle Company and we thank you!

Define your business in one sentence.

Luxurious-smelling candles at an affordable price.

Oh D’Luxe Candle Company’s  Info