Spotlight: KVP Custom Orthotics

November 12, 2020

KVP Custom Orthotics

For this week’s Spotlight, we want to present you a company that leads the veterinary marketplace when it comes to custom orthotics: KVP Custom Orthotics

KVP Custom Orthotics
KVP Custom Orthotics


What can you tell us about KVP Custom Orthotics?

We founded KVP Custom Orthotics in 1964. KVP entered the veterinary marketplace with the introduction of its Saf-T-Shield™ Elizabethan Collar. Widely praised by veterinarians and their technicians as innovative, highly effective, and a great value, the Saf-T-Shield™ collar set the standard for every KVP product that would follow. More than 50 years later, KVP offers the world’s largest selection of recovery collars — from mice to mastiffs.

Our product line doesn’t stop there. We have the world’s largest selection of recovery collars, quality surgical supplies, and effective patient care products. KVP proudly carries the full KONG® catalog, including the veterinary-exclusive KONG® Blue™ as well as products from the well-loved brands FURminator® and Nature’s Miracle™.

What makes your offer unique?

We deliver the best quality braces, and I will write original good quality content for your website.

What are the advantages of online Orthopedic Braces for dogs?

After surgery, your dog will heal quicker. When your dog undergoes surgery, the brace is a perfect way to help them heal faster. This knee brace enables routine healing and new scar tissue development, which dramatically decreases re-injury risk. Often, your dog will avoid surgery. An older dog is often not suitable for surgery, so you need to consider an alternative method. Likewise, many pet owners prefer to avoid surgery because it is costly and presents a risk of further severe complications.
Quality knee brace = No surgery
It is more likely that your dog won’t need surgery with the right knee brace because the knee will probably recover.
Your dog can lead a happy and safe life.
The greatest excuse to get your dog a knee brace is to be able to go back to being the fun-loving, happy puppet they used to be. Much like humans, dogs are not themselves when they are distressed. A knee brace makes them feel better, right away, and in the long term, and not every dog knee brace will offer you these benefits.

What braces are options available?

Here you have two options for orthopedic braces.

  • A knee brace that is ready to ship and can be at your home as early as tomorrow
  • Custom orthopedic braces for dogs (fitting knee brace) can better accommodate your dog but takes a few more days to deliver. Either way, your furry pal is going to be ecstatic again. A happy pet means a more joyful and satisfied You!

Have there been any changes in your business approach after Covid-19?

Yes, we have become more cautious and taking all the necessary precautions to help our clients. For us, clients are like our family members.

What challenges do you see ahead?

Challenges are never going to stop, and we, as a team, believe in overcoming each of them to make the best of the time we have at present.

What future projects does your business have?

Making better dog braces and try to make it affordable for everybody out there to help out the Dogs because we love pets.

What message would you send to your followers?

Please take care, be safe in such difficult times, stay with your family/friends, and support each other mentally and physically.

If you were to define your business in one word, how would you do it?


Is there anything you would like to add?

All I want is to help out as many people as possible with the right knowledge and experience that I’ve gained.

Where can you find orthopedic braces for dogs?

Mainly, after some injury, your dog off-balanced sloppily sits on one side or tries keeping the leg up while it attempts to run. The reason behind this might be that your dog has torn the
cranial cruciate ligament (CCL).
It is the leading orthopedic condition in dogs. Many dogs appear to have trouble walking, either due to injury, old age, or chronic genetic disorders.
You can make their condition better using a knee brace, which can provide your dog with a comfortable and relaxed feeling. There are several ways to find orthopedic braces for dogs, but nowadays, the online option is the best, accessible, affordable, and effortless.

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